Friday, February 27, 2009

Possible V Australia Delivery

Just logged 7C6C70 with call VOZ003 departing

All Nippon Airways B738 1st Flt

Logged 85D098 with call 054 out of KRNT this AM
JA54AN a B737-881 s/n 33890 for All Nippon Airways


Logged 44A832 out of KBFI today
I believe this was the mysterious OO-JAR logged on Feb 13
D-AHXL is A B737-7K5 s/n 35150 for Tuifly

Air Berlin B738 1st Flt

Logged 3C4965 using call 954 out of KRNT this AM
D-ABKE a B737-86J s/n 37743 for Air Berlin

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emirates B773 Delivery

896116 A6-ECO with call UAE777 just departed to Dubai
B777-36HER s/n 37706

Emirates B773 1st Flt

Logged 896117 using call BOA6EC out of KPAE this AM
A6-ECP a B777-36HER s/n 37707 for Emirates

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Air China B738 1st Flt

Logged 7804CB using call BOE910 out of KRNT this AM
B-5387 a B737-89L s/n 36492 for Air China

Lionair Correction

8A0183 should be PK-LFU not PK-LAU in earlier post

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Air France B773 delivery

Logged 3951C1 F-GUOB with call AFR381V on Route to Charlers de Gaulle tonight

Lionair Ground Test and Correction of Reg

Logged 8A0183 tonite
Its Likely
PK-LFU a B737-9GPERs/n 35722 for Lionair doing a ground test at KRNT

Qatar B772 Delivery Hex A7-BBB Corrected

06A068 A7-BBB departed on a delivery flt yesterday as flt QTR3052
06A069 A7-BAE flew on a test flight with call BOA7BAE

N932WN log

Logged ACEF18 this PM
No Altitude data so could be ground test
N932WN a B737-7H4 s/n 36639 for Southwest Airlines

Corrections to (2) Shanghai B738's

780481 is B-5393 is a B737-86D s/n 35769 for Shanghai
1st Flt 5-27-08

7804B0 is B-5399 is a B737-86D s/n 35224 for Shanhai
1st flt 5-07-08

Monday, February 23, 2009

B-5429 a B738 for Hainan 1st Flt

Logged 780513 using call BOE684 out out of KRNT this PM
B-5429 is a B737-86N s/n 36543 for Hainan

N703DN Delta B772 1st Flt

Logged A9600B using call BON703DN out of KPAE this AM
N703DN is a B777-232LR s/n 32222 for Delta Airlines

JAL B738 1st Flt

Logged 85120E JA318J a B737-846 s/n 35347 for JAL out of KRNT this AM

Qatar Airways B773 1st Flt

Logged 06A069 using call BOA7BAE out of KPAE this AM
A7-BAE is as B777-3DZER s/n 36104 for Qatar Airways

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Japan Airlines B738 1st Flt

Logged 8511EC using cal BOE507 out of KRNT at about 1520 PST
JA317J a B737-846 s/n 35346 for JAL

Missed Jet Airways Post

I missed putting this on BLOG
800486 VT-JBH a B737-85R s/n 35289
1st flew 2-09 as BOE374

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Egyptair B738 1st Flt

Logged 0100DF out of KRNT this AM
SU-GCR a B737-866 s/n 35562 for Egyptair

Friday, February 20, 2009

EI-EBF delivery

4CA703 EI-EBF on the way to Dublin as RYR800F

Air France Cargo Delivery

Logged 3951C2 using call AFR380V enroute to Charles de Gaulle
F-GUOC a B777-28F for Air France Cargo s/n 32966
This is first delivery I believe

New Chinese Aircraft

Logged 78021B out of KPAE using call BOE585 this AM
Hex sequence indicates it may be B-LIE a B747-467ERF for Cathay Pacific Cargo
B-LIE serial is 36870

Thursday, February 19, 2009

D-AHXL 1st Flt

D-AHXL flew yesterday with call call BOE652
its a B737-7K5 for TUIFLY s/n 35150.
I did not log his hex code so will have to wait til he flies again

Hainan B738 1st Flt

Logged 780514 using call BOE029 out of KRNT this AM
B-5430 a B737-84P s/n 34032 for Hainan

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shandong B738 1st Flt

Logged 78047F out of KRNT using call BOE524
B-5352 a B737-85N s/n 36195 for Shandong

Korean Wedgetail to be First logging

Logged A9DE77 as N735JS a B 737-7ES s/n 34700 registered tgo The Boeing Company
To be Delivered as Wedgetail for Korean Air Force

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arkefly B738 1st Flt

Logged 484AD0 using call BOE919 out of KRNT
PH-TFB a B737-8K5 s/n 35149 for Arkefly

Chinese B737 1st Flt

Logged 7804FB out of KRNT at 1335 PST
Hex Code fits B-5417 a B737-86N s/n 35639 for Hainan
no call on SBS

Unknown Belgian OO-JAR

Logged 44A832 OO-JAR last night for short time. I don't know if this is a new a/c or just a first time visitor. Does anyone know what it is?

Friday, February 13, 2009

EI-EBI Departs

Logged 4CA706, EI-EBI flying as RYR800I bound for Dublin

EI-EBH departs

EI-EBH hex 4CA705 departs for Dublin as flight RYR800H

Alaska Airlines B738 1st flt

Logged A69424 this AM
N523AS a B737-890 s/n 351294 for Alaska Airlines

Thursday, February 12, 2009

EI- EBG Delivery

EI-EBG with call RYR800G departed for Dublin
4CA704 Hex

EI-EBE Delivery

EI-EBE departed Puget Sound with call RYR800E bound for Dublin

Emirates B773 1st Flight

Logged 896116 using call BOE598 out of KPAE this PM
A6-ECO a B777-36HER s/n 37706 for Emirates Airlines

New Arik Air 1st Flt

Logged 0640C3 out of KRNT at 1002 PST
Likely 5N-MJM or 5N-MJO

No Call on SBS

Skymark B738 1st Flt

Logged 86803D using call 191 out of KRNT at 0951 PST
JA737T a B7327-8Q8 s/n 35290 for Skymark

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5Y-KYF Departs

5Y-KYF departs Puget Sound enroute to Goose Bay as KQA738

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

71BF87 Korean unknown

Logged 71BF87 with call HL7787 this PM. I don't believe its a new Boeing Aircraft. Need help here

V Australia B773 1st Flt

Logged 7C6C70 using call BOVHVPE out of KPAE this AM
VH-VPE is a B777-3ZGER s/n 37939 for V Australia

Monday, February 9, 2009

N354AT 1st Flt

Logged A3FBB out of KRNT using call 240 this PM
a B737-7BD s/n 36725
I believe it will become 5N-MJM for Arik Air will watch for new hex prior to delivery

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Brazilian B738

Logged out of KRNT using call 764 at 1103 PST
PR-GGG a B737-8EH s/n 36566 for GOL Transportes Aereos

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unknown Indian Airliner

Logged 800486 at 1600 PST no call sign

Air France Cargo B772 1st Flt

Logged 3951C2 using call BOE003 out of KPAE this PM
F-GUOC a B777-28F s/n 32966 for Air France Cargo

New Continental B739

Logged AA2BC1 this AM
N74532 a B737-924 S/N 32835 fo Continental Airlines
With that S/N I wonder where he has been

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Ryanair B738

Logged 4CA708 at 1054 Feb 5th no call on SBS
Next in hex sequence is
EI-EBL a B737-8AS s/n 37529 for Ryanair

Alaska Airlines B738

Logged A688FF at 0912 Feb-05
Airframes indicates it likely N520AS
N520AS is a B737-890 s/n 36481

Pegasus B738 1st Flt

Logged 4B842A on Feb -05
TC-AAJ a B737-82R s/n 35702

Unknown Canadian

Logged C080A6 at 1412 on 4 Feb no call on SBS

Unknown Canadian

Logged C080A6 at 1412 on 4 Feb no call on SBS

Unknown Chinese Airliner

Logged 78021A on 2-04 using call BOE584 at 1158 PST

N353AT 1st flt

logged A3F004 using call 239 mout of KRNT this PM
N353AT is a B737-7BD s/n 36724 FAA shows Boeing Registry

Unknown Brazilian

Logged E48160 no call on Feb 3rd 1213 PST

Air Canada B773 First Flight

Logged C01754 using call BOCFIV on 3 Feb at 1105 PST
C-FIVR a 777-333ER s/n 35241 for Air Canada

Qatar Airlines B772 correction

I had reported log as o6ao6B . It should be 06A068 bad specs or fingers here
Tnx Glen


I have returned and will try to update first flight data ASAP

Monday, February 2, 2009

Qatar Airlines B772 1st Flt Hex error Corrected

Logged 06A068 out of KPAE using call BOE082 at 1312 PST
A7-BBB a B777-2DZLR s/n 36013 for Qatar Airlines

New Kenyan Airliner

Logged 04C045 5Y-KYF a B737-86N s/n 35637 for Kenya Airways out of KRNT at 0926 PST