Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Chinese B737-800

Logged 7804CE using call BOE001 out of KRNT
Likely to be
B-5196 a B737-86N s/n 36810 for Air China

Air Berlin B737-700

Logged 3C4982 D-ABLB a B737-76J s/n 36115 for Air Berlin no call on SBS
I don't know 1st flt date

Qatar Vip Flight B737

Logged 06A06C A7-AAZ a B737-8KB s/n 37545 for Qatar Vip Flight out of KBFI this Am. I don't have 1st flt date. He used call 415 on SBS

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Chinese out of KRNT

Logged 780477 taking off from KRNT at about 9:20 this AM. No call on SBS

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

B-5403 1st Flt

Logged 7804A1 using call BOE026 this AM
B-5403 a B737-84P s/n 35756 for Hainan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New LAN Airliner

Logged E8021D using call BOE910 out of KPAE
CC-CXF a B767-316ER s/n 36711


Logged ACE19A N929WN no call on SBS
B737-7H4 s/n 36631

Jim Out of town

Hi folks,
I will be out of town from Thurs AM until the 30th of July. I nwll ask Jordan to moderate while I am gone

Monday, July 21, 2008

Air Berlin B737-86J

Logged 3C4963 using call BOE952 this PM out of KRNT
D-ABKC a B737-86J s/n 37741 for Air Berlin

Kenya Airways B737-800 1st Flt ?

Logged 04C03B with no call on SBS Kenya Airways new Aircraft in the data base is
5Y-KYD s/n 35632 a B737-86N s/n 35632
Need verification

New EVA Air B777

Logged 8990DB using call BOE661 this AM
B-16712 s/n 33755 a B777-35EER for EVA Air

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another try on the recent Hainan aircraft

I believe these are now correct . Please provide feedback if you see an error

78049E is l/n 2668 s/n 36488 B-5405 with call BOE024
7805A0 is l/n 2778 s/n 36579 B-5406
B-5403 has not yet flown

Friday, July 18, 2008

New US unknown

Logged A13E31 this PM. Tony had him as N1799B a Boeing test Reg
Flew a typical first flt profile I believe he went to Moses Lake

New Turkish B737-800

Logged 4BA902 out of KRNT using Call BOE569 this AM
TC-JHB a B737-8F2 s/n 35741 for Turkish Airlines

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Aussie

Logged 7C047E using call BOE523 this evening
need help here

Delta B737-700 1st Flt

Logged A3271A using call BOE702 this PM
N302DQ a B737-732 s/n 29648 for Delta Airlines

New Southwest Airlines B737-700

Logged ACDDE3 a B737-7H4 s/n 36890 for Southwest Airlines
No call on VHF

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BOE206 Radio Checks

BOE206 on VHF doing radio checks SELCAL HPFR

New Chinese Airliner 1st Flt

Logged 7804A0 Flying to coast This PM off at 1:08. I didnt see origin
But did hear BOE025 doing radio checks on VHF
This could be B-5405 a B737-84P s/n 35759 for Hainan
Need Confirmation

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New TAM B777 1st Flt

Logged E4818A Taking off from KPAE this PM
Used call BON6009 on SBS
The next TAM aircraft is
PT-MUB A B777-32WER s/n 37665

New Xiamen B737-800 1st Flt

Logged 7800AC using call BOE626 out of KRNT this AM
B-5382 a B737-86N s/n 36540 for Xiamen

New Continental Airlines B737-900 Fst Flt

Logged AA2BA2 N75426 a B737-924ER s/n 31622 for Continental out of KRNT this AM. No Call on SBS

Monday, July 14, 2008

Boeing B777 freighter first flt

Logged A643C0 using call BON5020K on SBS and BOE001 on VHF
Flt test of systems
Aircraft is B777 freighter

New KLM B737-700

Logged 48455B using Call B691 on SBS out of KRNT this AM
Mike's Data indicates
PH-BGD a B737-706 s/n 30366 for KLM making 1st flt

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Turkish Airlines B737-800

Logged 4BA901 using call BOE568 out of KRNT
TC-JHA a B737-8F2 s/n 35740 for Turkish airlines

Turkmenistan B737-700 Fst Flt

Logged 60185A using call 216 on SBS out of KRNT this PM
EZ-A007 a B737-7GL s/n 37234 for Turkmenistan Airlines

Continental Airlines B737-800 Fst Flt

Logged AA56B3 N76514 a B737-824 for Continental Airlines today
Used call BOE566 on VHF

BOE522 Radio Checks

Logged BOE 522 on VHF doing radio checks on VHF

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Southwest Airlines B737

Logged ACDA2C This AM
N927WN A B737-7H4 s/n 36889 for Southwest Airlines

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Qatar Airways Fst Flt

Logged 06A062, A7-BAC a B777-3DZER s/n 36010 for Qatar Airways
Used call BON5016R on SBS
BOE873 on VHF
Updated per 4BARS comment

Wierd Logging this PM

Just logged A3235B, GAS has it as N301DG which I suspect is in error as the aircraft used call BOE701 and it took from KRNT at about 1:06 PM and is heading for the coast
GAS has it as a rotocraft

New Luxembourg Aircraft

Logged 4D010D using call sign BOE551 this AM. idon't see altitude data so not sure if it flew or was ground test.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Indian Airliner First Flt

Logged 800449 using call 737 out of KRNT this PM.
Aircraft is VT-AXX a B737 -8HG for Air India Express
Data based on comments below

BOE991 Radio Checks

Heard BOE991 making radio checks with SELCAL DFAJ

New Chinese B737?

Logged 78024F using call BOE663 this AM

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Chinese Unknown today

Fst Flt of hex 780492 no call on SBS

New Lion Air B737-900

Logged 8A1814 using call BOE123 this AM
I believe its PK-LFR a B737-9GPER s/n 35719 for Lion Air

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Logged 44A847 OO-JBG using call BRUCE
Tony has him as a B737-8K5 s/n 35142 for Jetairfly ?

New Air India Airliner

Logged 800463 using call BOVTAL this AM
It appears to be VT-ALN a B777-337ER s/n 36312.
First Flt today