Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFG departs

EI-EFG departs with call RYR800G
4CA762 hex

Ryanair EI-EFF departs Puget Sound

EI-EFF off as RYR800F 4CA761 Hex

SKY Airlines TC-SKP 1st Flt

TC-SKP a B737-94XER s/n 36087 for SKY Airlines had 1st flt yesterday
I believe it used Boeing Hex Code A354DD.
Will watch for new Hex on later fltsd\

Southwest Airlines N938WN 1st Flt

Logged AD0562 this AM
N938WN a B737-7H4 s/n 36645 for Southwest Airlines

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NOG 1st Flt

Logged 4784BF with call BOE662
LN-NOG a B737-86N s/n 35647 for Norwegian Air Shuttle

New Chinese B737NG 1st Flt

Logged 78052F out of KRNT
Based on Drewski observations it's likely
B-5435 a B737-86N s/n 35644 for Xiamen
BOE544 on VHF

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Royal Air Maroc CN-ROU departs Puget Sound

Logged 020095 CN-ROU with call RAM6310 departing Puget Sound

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Air Austral F-ONOU departs Poget Sound

Logged 3A35D4 using call REU9786 departing to the SW

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFD departs Puget Sound

Logged 4CA75F EI-DFD departing as RYR800D

Southwest Airlines N937WN 1st Flt

Logged AD01AB this PM
N937WN a B737-7H4 s/n 36644 for Southwest Airlines

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFI 1st Flt

Logged 4CA764
EI-EFI a B737-8AS s/n 35013 for Ryanair

SE-DOU Saga Continues

Andreas tells me that s/n 34546 (SE-DOU aka SE-SOU) has been rergistered as LN-RRH
We will watch this evolve

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SAS SE-SOU 1st Flt Corrected Should Be SE-DOU

Logged 478690 out of KRNT with call BOE401
SE-DOU a B737-883 s/n 34546 for SAS

Ryanair EI-EFH 1st Flt

Logged 4CA763 using call BOE529 out of KRNT
EI-EFH a B737-8AS s/n 35012 for Ryanair

Emirates Cargo 1st Flt Corrected: Is A6-EFE

Logged 89616B out of KPAE using call BOE032
A6-EFE a B777-F1H s/n 35607 for Emirates Cargo

American Airlines N989AN 1st Flt

Logged ADCCA0 out of KRNT with call BOE207
N989AN a B737-823 s/n 33205 for American Airlines
l/n 2915

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LionAir PK-LFZ departs Puget Sound

Logged 8A01AF PK-LFZ departing Puget Sound to the SW using call LION01

Monday, May 18, 2009

Air China B-5431 1st Flt?

Logged 78052A no call
Based on Drewski observation it appears to be
B-5431 a B737-86N s/n 36812 for Air China

Need Confirmation

Oman Air A4O-BE 1st Flt

Logged 70C0A2 at 1145 local
Hex sequence fits
A4O-BE a B737-81M s/n 37161 for Oman Air
Also logged on ACARS

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFG 1st Flt

Logged 4CA762 out of KRNT with call BOE528
EI-EFG a B737-8AS s/n 35014 for Ryanair

Saturday, May 16, 2009

GOL PR-GGM 1st Flt

Logged E481D8 out of KRNT
Based on Drewski's observations it likely is
PR-GGM a B737-8EH s/n 36149 for GOL

Kuwaiti Airliner 1st Flt

Logged 7060C1 out of KPAE using Call BOE572
Hex Sequence fits 9K-DAB a B747-4HQERF s/n 37304 for LoadAir Cargo
Need confirmation here

Friday, May 15, 2009

JAL JA623J 1st Flt

Logged 862250 using call BOE933
JA623J A B767-346ER s/n 361312 for JAL

Royal Air Maroc CN-ROU 1st Flt

Logged 020095 using call BOE312 out of KRNT
CN-ROU a B737-8B6 s/n 33069 for Royal Air Maroc

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFF 1st Flt

Logged 4CA761 using call BOE527 out of KRNT
EI-EFF a B737-8AS s/n 35016 for Ryanair

Continental Airlines N75435 1st Flt

Logged AA2BC4 with call BOE123
N75435 a B737-924ER s/n 33529 for Continental Airline

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Delta Airlines N708DN 1st Flt

Logged A9729E using call BON708DN
N708DN is a B777-232LR s/n 39524 for Delta Airlines

Unknown Brazilian

Logged E481DB. No Altitude data so could be Ground test at KRNT
E481D hexes fit GOL B737-8EH
A/C could be PR-GGM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Xiamen B-5456 1st Flt

Logged 780026 out of KRNT with Call BOE972
B-5456 a B737-85C s/n 35054 for Xiamen


Heard CN-ROU a B737-8B6 s/n 33069 for Royal Air Maroc on ACARS
I have not seen it yet on SBS so have no hex

Monday, May 11, 2009

KLM PH-BVC 1st Flt

Logged 484560 out of KPAE with Call BOE913
I have it as
PH-BVC a B777-306ER s/n 37582 for KLM
I also now have PH-BVC on ACARS

Alaska Airlines N527AS 1st Flt

Logged A6A300 this AM
N527AS a B737-890 s/n 35694 for Alaska Airlines

B-5466 1st Flt

Logged 78058E using call BOE032 out of KRNT
B-5466 is a B737-84P s/n 34034
I have conflicting data on reg owner
CH Aviation has Grand China Air
Drewski has Hainan
Appears Both are Correct

Sky Airlines TC-SKN 1st Flt

Logged A13A11 using call BOE321 out of KRNT this AM
I believe this is to be
TC-SKN a B737-94XER s/n 36086 for Sky Airlines
Will watch for new Hex

Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Airlines N987AN 1st Flt

Logged ADC532 using call BOE206 out of KRNT
N987AN is a B737-823 s/n 31069 for American Airlines

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Southwest Airlines N936WN 1st Flt

Logged ACFDF4
N936WN a B737-7H4 s/n 36643 for Southwest Airlines
L/N 2909

El Al EX-EKJ 1st Flt

Logged 73806E out of KRNT
Based on Drewski's observations it is
EX-EKJ a B737-85P s/n 35486 for El Al

FlyDubai A6-FDB 1st Flt

Logged 896258 out of KRNT
Hex sequence fits A6-FDB a B737-8GQ s/n 35795 for Fly Dubai
l/n 2829

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Korean Air HL-7785 1st Flt

Logged 71BF85 using call B201 out of KRNT
HL-7785 is a B737-8Q8 s/n 37162 for Korean Air l/n 2906

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A579A4 N452BA logged

Logged A579A4 this AM N452BA
B747-4HQF s/n 37303 Boeing Registration
This Aircraft was previously logged as 9K-DAA for LoadAir Cargo hex 7060C0 if I have data correct
Perhaps anyother A/C to storage, Need help here

LionAir PK-LFZ 1st Flt l/n corrected

Logged 8A01AF out of KRNT using call BOE037 on VHF
PK-LFZ a B737-9GPER s/n 35726 for LionAir
L/N 2904

Monday, May 4, 2009

Korean Airlines HL-7782 1st Flt

Logged 71BF82 with call BOHL7782
According to Planespotters
HL-7782 is a B777-3B5 s/n 37643 for Korean Airlines
l/n 785

Future LAN Cargo 1st Flt

Logged AA78DE using call BOE077 out of KPAE
A/C operated as N774LA a B777-F6N s/n 37710 Ultimately for GOL Chili Cargo

Ryanair EI-EFE 1st Flt Hex Corrected

Logged 4CA760 out of KRNT
EI-EFE a B737-8AS s/n 37533 for Ryanair
Data from Drewski's Site

Air Austral F-ONOU 1st Flt

Logged 3A35D4 out of KPAE with call F-ONOU out of KPAE
F-ONOU a B777-3Q8ER s/n 35783 for Air Austral

American Airlines N983AN 1st Flt

Logged ADB656 using call BOE205 out of KRNT
N983AN a B737-823 s/n 29570 for American Airlines

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ryanair EI-EFD 1st Flt

Logged 4CA75F using call BOE526 on VHF out of KRNT
EI-EFD a B737-8AS s/n 35011 for Ryanair