Monday, July 14, 2008

Boeing B777 freighter first flt

Logged A643C0 using call BON5020K on SBS and BOE001 on VHF
Flt test of systems
Aircraft is B777 freighter


Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

N5020K "BOE001" departed Paine Field to Boeing Field (no doubt to be based for flight testing) at 0957PDT.

Jim Rustik said...

Newspaper said A/C had to return to KPAE due to an instrumentation problem. So we will await it's flt to KBFI

Jim Rustik said...

N5020K took off from KPAE this AM
perhaps enroute to KBFI

Jim Rustik said...

N5020K conducting Flt Test ops with support from 09X chase. If chase has Mode-S I haven't seen it or I don't know what it is.

Jim Rustik said...

N5020K landed at KBFI after a series of low speed controls tests on the Olympic Peninsula