Thursday, June 12, 2008

Data from 4BARS

The following is from 4BARS who has a problem posting on the BLOG

D-APBB is the registration of the PrivatAir B737 from your reports

6/6 B-5391 B738 BOE905 for Air China airborne Renton at 1817PDT to PAE and then BFI for painting.....line number 26447/6 B-

B738 BOE023 for Hainan airborne Renton at 1611PDT to PAE then BFI for painting................line number 26488/6

B-5349 B738 BOE521 for Shandong airborne Rentaon at 0947PDT to Moses Lake and then BFI for painting....line number 26429/6

PT-MUA B777 TAM f/f as BOE936 from PAE at 0952PDT to Moses Lake line number 7279/6 LN-NOE B738 of Norwegian f/f from Renton as BOE661 at 1332PDT to Moses Lake then Boeing Field for painting...line number 264710/06

BOE67T is military? (wedgetail? had arrived from Mcconnell AFB a day or so back)10/06

VH- B738 of Qantas f/f from Renton as BOE563 at 1921PDT for PAE and then to BFI for painting......line number 2649

PlusAlso BOE508 which is JAL B777-346ER arrived from Portland having been painted arrived back at PAE on the 7th June at 1014PDT


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