Sunday, December 28, 2008

Additional New Chinese B737

Logged 780511 taking off from KRNT at approx 1215 today
no call on SBS


Drewski2112 said...

Another Hainan Airlines plane. Ln#2772 cn# unknown by me at the moment. Left as BOE713 green with temp reg of N1787B. Will become B-5427.

Jim Rustik said...

Other data i have indicates this could be B-KBS lsd from Hainan by Hong Kong Airlines
s/n 35285 a B737-84P
Drewski can you confirm B-5427 for Hainan?

Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

"BOE713" departed Renton at 1211PDT to Paine Field and then Boeing Field arriving there at 1553PDT. I have the allocation as B-KBS for Hong Kong Airlines also now ntu?. cn 35285 as you have Jim.