Monday, March 9, 2009

5N-MJN departs Puget Sound

0640C2 with call ARA800 enroute to Shannon
5N-MJN a B737-86N s/n 35638


Drewski2112 said...

Arik Air had financing problems with their last four 737NG's to come off the line. 5N-MJN was orignally slated for delivery on the 6 February!

There are still three parked at a remote corner of the Boeing Seattle flightline by the paint hangars.

Nigel said...

Being Slated for delivery and actually having the pilots to send out to collect the aircraft is two different things. We also have two 700's and one more 800 waiting at Boeing. The 800 will be picked up in a couple of weeks, but the 700s will be posponed until about May. The Lagos Airport is full there is no more parking available for anymore aircraft.