Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Continental Airlines N37437 1st Flt

Logged A44588 out of KRNT
N37437 a B737-924ER s/n 33532 for Continental Airlines


Scott said...

I watched this plane leave KRNT today. I searched for N37437 and found your blog.

Quick question, are all those planes sitting at KRNT new about to be delivered? or are some in for maintenance and work? I ride my bike past those hangers and planes all lined up every week and have wondered for a long time whats going on.

Jim Rustik said...

Most if not all of them are being readied for first flight. Some may be stored there. After 1st flight they almost always end up at Boeing Field where they are prepared for delivery to their customer airliners

Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

"BOE125" N37437 departed Renton Jun 30th 0941PDT for Moses Lake and landed Boeing Field 1202PDT. Line number 2959 and painted at Renton.