Friday, April 25, 2008

Travel Service Airlines first flt

logged 49D09E taking off from KRNT this AM no Call
It may be OK-TVH s/n 35275 a B737-8Q8. for Travel Service Airlines. Need confirmation of this one


Mike said...

Hi Jim
You are correct
2604 35275 8Q8 OK-TVH TRAVEL SERVICE Lsd from ILFC

gary.browne said...

Hi Jim,

Looks like this week should have the Arik delivered (L/N 2589),Lion Air B739 (2437),Continental(2577)The Hainan (2593)on Tuesday and both Futura's towards the end of the week.Not seen any registrations given yet.
Have a great week Gary

Jim Rustik said...

tnx Gary for the input

Jim Rustik said...

tnx Mike