Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unknown Chinese Airliner

Logged 78001B out of KBFI this AM. Gary mentioned a Hainan B737-800. This might be it. He mentioned Line number 2593 which appears too low. Planespotters has l/n 2593 as B-2926 a B737-31B of China Southern. Airplane 78001B first flew on 4-15


Jim Rustik said...

I did a little checking on Hainan Deliveries. The last I have is B-5371 in March. I think this one may be B-5372 a B737-84P s/n 35758

Mike said...

The only 2 chinese B737's at BFI at the moment are:
2567 35273 8Q8 B-5368 SHANGHAI Lsd from ILFC call sign BOE533
2593 35758 84P B-5372 HAINAN call sign BOE021 which had it's first flight on 15th April so this is more likely to be your chinese airliner.