Friday, May 2, 2008

Futura Tie Ups

Looks like we have hex and registration and type correct but S/N's are in error
EC-KQQ is not s/n 35227
EC-KQR is not s/n 36529
Need help here


Liembo said...

Seems like the blind leading the blind here. Why not just subscribe to and not be confused anymore on call signs, line numbers and tail numbers? Or doublecheck with the photos on (search for tags KBFI/KRNT/KPAE and you'll see photos by at least one of the area spotters for just about every new boeing plane). I'm not a shill for, just seems like it would solve a lot of the appparent confusion here.

Jordan Hayes said...

It costs money and this doesn't?

Jim Rustik said...

Last time I saw deliveries BLOg they didnt know the registration of the Futuras. With the cooperation of the other spotters data quality would be improved.
Also deliveries does not do S-Mode

Liembo said...

What is s-mode? Does it have to do woth the hexcodes you mention in your posts?

Jim Rustik said...

Rob at provides the following info on the Futuras
EC-KQQ = s/n 25223
EC-KQR= s/n 25225
Rob Plesa email me. I have a question regarding an unpublished post