Friday, May 9, 2008

New EVA Airways B777-35EER

Logged 8990DA this PM
I believe its a B777-35EER for EVA Airways. The next in the sequence I have is B-16711


Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

this aircraft was noted at PAE last week in primer with "711" on the nose gear.It was it's first flight and I believe is due to ferry to Portland for painting next week.
Also, you should see the next Air India Boeing 777 VT-ALM on it's first flight(fully painted)

Jim Rustik said...

Based on previous comment we can tie this one up
8990DA is B-16711 a B777-35EER s/n 33754 for EVA Airways

mattcawby said...

11 on the nose gear. Boeing does not primer their airplanes, the green color is Ardrox 306N an acrylic protective coating.