Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Emirates Confusion

Logged 896179 using call BOE052 on VHF and BOA6EW on SBS
BOEo52 is supposed to be A6-EWG B777-21HLR
I have seen s/n's of 35586 0r 35578 for this a/c
We need to sort out what A6-EWF is as well

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Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

"BOE051" is line number 739 which was due to roll out on 16th July and was in paint on the 24th July.First flight Aug 17th

"BOE052" is line number 741 which was due to roll out on 24th July.First flight Aug 20th to Eugene OR and back.

A6-EWE has hex 896177 so "179" looks good for A6-EWG