Sunday, August 3, 2008

Unknown Indonesian airliner

Logged 8A0180 this AM out of KBFI using call BOE012 this AM
I thought it was PK-LFR but I had PK-LFR as 8A1814 using call BOE011 with a flt on 7-15.
Need some help here


Jim Rustik said...

I noticed I did not have PK-LFQ in my database. Therefore I suspect 8A1814 was PK-LFQ s/n 35718 and 8A0180 is PK-LFR

Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

PK-LFQ departed on delivery on July 24th. I noted "BOE012" on it's first flight on July 25th departing Renton at 1426PDT to Moses Lake and then to Boeing Field.Line number 2694 and unpainted.The SBS code picked up was Boeing test registration N5002K.Should be PK-LFR and deliver in a couple of days.