Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Korean Airliner 1st flt Corrected

Logged 71BF83 out of KPAE using call BON5020K
HL-7783 a B777-3B5ER s/n 37644 for Korean Air

Registration Corrected, Tnx Flatty


Flatty said...

is it not HL7783, That would fit better?

Jim Rustik said... r correct by hex code. I was unaware that HL7783 was at KPAE. I have bad data looks like and will amend BLOG.
Tnx for input

Flatty said...

Not to worry Jim, Great work. Oh, while i'm on, is there any Blog for Paine field with line numbers just like Drewski with the 737 ?

Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

N5020K (HL7783) BOE947 departed Paine Field Jul 29th 1122PDT for Moses Lake and landed back at 1346PDT.Unpainted and due to ferry the next day to Portland to be painted.Line number 806 and delivery 31st August.