Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sky Europe B737's

2 B737-7GL's once destined for SkyEurope flew this week. I did not catch their hex codes but will watch for them
s/n 37236 as BOE217
s/n 37237 as BOE218
I believe these are destined for Turkmenistan Airlines


Jim Rustik said...

BOE218 flew with hex A13DA5 on 7-29

Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

"BOE217" N1787B (no EZ registration allocated) departed Renton Jul 28th 1149PDT for Moses Lake and landed Boeing Field 1411PDT.Line number 2986 and unpainted with TUA rudder.

"BOE218" N1795B departed Renton Jul 29th 0915PDT for Moses Lake and landed Boeing Field 1135PDT.Line number 2988 and as above.

There ia also a third TUA aircraft "BOE219" line number 2993 has yet to have flown from Renton having just been painted there.