Friday, August 7, 2009

Air India VT-ALH 1st flt

Logged 8004DC out of KPAE using call BOE018
VT-ALH is a B777-237LR s/n 36307 for Air India


Fourbars said...

Hi Jim,

"BOE018" VT-ALH departed Paine Field Aug 7th 1329PDT for Moses Lake and landed back 1551PDT.Line number 805 and painted. Delivery August 28th.

Also HL7783 "BOE947" first flight Jul 29th arrived back from painting from Portland Aug 7th 1045PDT.

Note:The runways at Paine Field and Renton have been closed for resurfacing,hence the lack of first flights

Vishal Jolapara said...

Hi can you please tell me what time she will be departing KPAE on so that we can track her arrival here ?

Jim Rustik said...

If I see it leave on or about the 28th I will post info here I don't have any concrete schedule info.

Vishal Jolapara said...

Thanks for that Jim, is there anyway you can get to know about its departure in slight advance ?
Specifically regarding its time & delivery routing - whether she's flying directly to BOM or DEL.
If the above aint possible then how quickly can you revert bk to me once she leaves ?
Reason for my impatience/persistance is because she's a special lady - named "Maharashtra" after our home state.

Regards - Vishal