Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turkmenistan Airlines Flt Corrected EZ-A006

Tnx all for the corrections and clearing the old man's head
60185E is EZ-A006 a B737-7GL s/n 32736 for Turkmenistan Airlines


John H said...

Believe this flight to be BOE217 -

EZ-A006 B737-7GL c/n 37236/2986

Jim Rustik said...

I believe this flt originated at KRNT Drewski had EZ-A006 at KBFI
He also showed EZ-A009 as having returned to KRNT. So we need to sort this out. he used no call on SBS but I will watch for it later today

John H said...

Its on its way in now.

BFIguy said...

Definitely was BOE217 from BFI not RNT. Flew twice 09/26 and painted in full Turkmenistan livery.